首席执行官 ——崔元伟


The chairman of ZhongGou Group.He insists the "fate of the nation, corporate responsibility" thinking, with the strength to revitalize the old industrial base of Liaoning, to explore the global market and make unremitting efforts.
首席技术官 ——代立志


A senior software engineer and technical support engineer who has extensive experience in business management.He is primarily responsible for the company's overall operations and strategic plan.


Liaoning Zhong Gou Electronic Business Co., Ltd. was established in January 2016. The company registered capital of 20 million yuan which is the first independent registered in Liaoning province private "Internet +" enterprise.Company was first established in two years by a large number of professional and technical staff effort to build their own PC terminal site, Aizhonggou online mall, mobile App-end shopping mall and independent research and development of software for multiple projects. Furthermore, the company has an independent technical department to support it's network system operations. Adhere to good faith to serve the public, with patience casts brand; company staff keep faith with the "national prosperity, corporate accountability" thought, with their own strength to revitalize the old industrial bases of Liaoning, to explore global markets make unremitting efforts!